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Speaker / Facilitator / Innovator

Kate Thiele is a Telstra Business Women’s award winner, a business leader, and an inspiring speaker. She has delivered over 100 speeches to business forums, conferences, alumni groups, community groups, and executive forums.

She loves to share and inspire. Kate empowers people to pursue their professional passions and continue to learn and grow.

She is comfortable with all audiences, from intimate groups right through to large audiences of 2,000 people or more. Connecting with the audience is vitally important to Kate – to see people respond, hear and think about topics inspires her, as much as she aims to inspire them.

Contact Kate for information on presentation topics, or to book.

Speaking Topics

Kate speaks to a broad range of topics and ensures each speech is specially tailored, as connecting with her audience is critical. Examples include:

  • My story, challenges, learnings and wins
  • Achievement, K2 and striving higher
  • Change, uncertainty and success
  • Leadership – keeping it real
  • Good Governance
  • What women bring to the board room
  • Authenticity, what’s the real deal?
  • NFPs, the value of being commercially sound

Kate enjoys speaking in a variety of forums, some of these include:

  • Intimate group discussions
  • Workshops
  • Keynote address
  • Panel member
  • Half and Full day seminar
  • Emcee

Speaker Reviews

I absolutely loved Kate’s presentation.  Very easy to listen to, I looked around and everyone was intently listening.  She just said it as it was, even with the controversial topics that we needed to hear.  Kate’s voice projected so well, and she spoke so beautifully, very easy to listen to.  By far the best presenter I have had the privilege to listen to.  Debra

Kate is an outstanding speaker, I looked around the room as she was speaking and she had the attention of everyone present – everyone was captivated. Graham