Strategic Marketing and Communications

Strategic Marketing and Communications

by alex

Are you ahead of the game?

McKinsey in 2012 conducted significant research that highlighted the imperative for businesses to present their brands to the market in a way that in connected with target customers. They found that many times there was a gap between what customers were looking for and the information being provided by businesses. Businesses were missing out. They described this gap as one that hindered the business’s brand from “talking to their customers”.  Businesses were presenting the wrong content, or were delivering their message in the wrong way at the wrong time.

We all want our customers to hear clearly what we have on offer to sell, so that they can connect with us with ease, and buy our products and services, and yet so often we don’t take the time or indeed see the need to invest in a well thought through marketing communications strategy.  That could be the difference between a surviving business and a thriving one.

The role of a strategic marketing and communications plan is to position you in the right place, at the right time, with the right messages.  Content is critical.

Klarity can provide:

  • Marketing leadership and services aligned with your strategic priorities.
  • Support you in developing your marketing, communications and digital strategy
  • Build your understanding on how to leverage social media channels.
  • Assist you to manage relationships with creative agencies and suppliers.
  • Deliver a suite of strategic marketing services from brand, reputation and campaign management.