Business growth and Fundraising

Business growth and Fundraising

by alex

Is your operating model holding you back from growth?

Looking for ways to increase impact with your customers and donors.  A clearly mapped out growth strategy will increase revenue, and will connect more deeply with your customers, building sustainable and reliable business partnerships.

Klarity helps you so that you don’t have to work it out alone.  We can draw on a range of expertise to support you chart a clear journey forward.  You will have clarity.

With a strong background in business development across a range of industries, we can support you to map out the plan, determine what the three or four appropriate measures required to monitor results, then assist you work out the right business structure and systems and finally build a stakeholder engagement plan.

For those in fundraising, does the team need a coach to focus them on the purpose?  Connecting to the purpose is such an important motivator.  It builds positive morale and is vital.  We can help you build stronger relationships within the team, so that as professionals, they can contribute their own expertise whenever its needed.