by alex

How is your board performing?  Do you have the right skill set to make strategic decisions?
What qualities do your peer directors bring?  Do they all contribute effectively?
Are you spending enough time on strategy?  How do you manage innovation and risk?

These are all important questions when we consider board performance. There are plenty of negative and unfortunately memorable stories around poor corporate governance. It is therefore incumbent for directors to be aware of their responsibilities and duties and how to fulfil them.

High performing, successful boards have a strong board culture. They tend to:

  • have a shared set of values about how they operate as directors;
  • avoid groupthink;
  • challenge management in a constructive manner around strategic decisions;
  • read their papers before a meeting; and
  • raise questions prior to a meeting, where appropriate.

Qualified as a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Kate brings significant business know-how combined with a strong focus on people, financial performance, governance, innovation and risk.

Kate can assist boards with a range of services, including assessing board effectiveness through evaluations, which are independent and customised, considering board maturity, dynamics and to meet specific needs. In addition, Kate works closely with board’s to assess the board’s decision-making capability, by faciltating governance checklists; consisting of protocols, use of committees, roles and responsibilities, composition, purpose and strategy, risk, business building, culture and accountability.

In particular, Kate enjoys seeing boards combining strong commercial performance with positive social impact. She values effective decision-making, working with executives to understand why strategy is ‘right’ within the market context.